Where Does a Nurse Work

The  professional field for a  nurse who graduated from a nursing school(this is the term in Thai โรงเรียน บริบาล) is very wide, in fact, many people believe that they are only working in hospitals, but this is FALSE. Once you finish your  nursing degree , you will realize that you have a “large deck” to make the best decision economically / professionally speaking for present and future.

Taking into account these branches of the  nursing career and specialties, we can realize the options we have to work. Yes, it is likely that your first option is a hospital, but it can be a mental health center, work in a company, school, military field, laboratories, just to mention some possibilities.


The most appropriate thing is that you always seek to focus on one or several of the  nursing specialties  that exist, since it will allow you to have more job offers and of course, the economic income that allows you to live properly.

Mental health

Work Nursing

Geriatrics (takes care of the elderly)

Obstetric Gynecological Nursing

Surgical medical care

Pediatrics (It takes care of children, from my point of view the saddest and happiest at the same time)

Family and community nursing

General Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing Subjects and subjects

Regardless of the university, I can tell you that except for certain subjects, many will be based on the same branch and for the same reason, you will be able to familiarize yourself with this short list of  subjects in the nursing career.

Fundamentals of piscology

Public health

Human sexuality


Reproductive health

Introduction to biochemistry

Surgical nursing

Gynecology and obstetrics practices


Mental health

General Anatomy


Cell Biology

Functional Biophysics

Topographic Anatomy



Health Psychology

Health Care

Alternative Techniques

Health Terminology

Public health

These are just some accounts of the  subjects that are taken in nursing ,  but if you ask me for an opinion, they are the most interesting and that will allow you to know better the wonder of our «sacred temple», of course, I am talking about the  human body .

Note: A nurse can not stay out of job except the nurse has a bad review , if you ever find yourself in this situation learning to care for elderly(this is term in Thai เรียนดูแลผู้สูงอายุ) people is an option

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