Top 10 Career Options in India – Best Career Opportunities to Choose in 2021

Top 10 Career Options in India1

Making a career choice is a big decision. People often take guidance from their friends, relatives, teachers and mentors. There are certain careers that require you to you get a specific degree while there are many others that need minimum qualifications. At the end of the day it all comes down to your knowledge and expertise. Most people have their journey mapped out and plan their life accordingly. But for some others, it is a rather difficult task to pick the right career path. If you too are among those who are confused, here are some popular career options in India you can pick from.

  1. Medical professionals: Whether you wish to be a nurse or a doctor, you will need to have a specialised degree in this field. It’s a reputed and well-paying profession that many young and aspirational people take up.
  2. Finance: The finance industry is ever growing and there are many people who are a part of it. The career opportunities are many and the qualification required depends on the position one is applying for.
  3. Bank: To secure a job in the banking sector is not easy. For every level, one would need to appear for an examination. Year on year, the competition keeps growing.
  4. IT: We currently live in a world that is driven by information technology. Securing a job in IT comes with a whole set of perks.
  5. Interior designing: For those who love investing their time into beautifying spaces, homes or commercials, interior designing is a great choice.
  6. Advertising and media: Jobs in this sector are diverse. Many young people are often a part of this industry as the culture is such that it attracts the younger generation.
  7. Chef: If you love cooking, you can get trained and become a certified chef in a hotel or even open up your own place.
  8. Teacher: One of the best career opportunities for women is in the teaching field. Certain qualifications are required to become a teacher as specialization in this industry is absolutely crucial.
  9. Hospitality: There are tons of jobs available in the hospitality industry as it keeps growing every year. The growth opportunities are many for those who wish to pursue their careers in this field.
  10. Career counsellor: People in this profession are responsible for helping others decide on which career path they should choose. It requires in-depth understanding of various professions, qualifications and people.

Apart from the jobs mentioned above, there are many other professions that you can choose from. Depending on your interests and skills, you can make an informed decision. Your loved ones can definitely help guiding you as they are the ones who know your strengths and weaknesses. Do remember, that when it comes to choosing a job, just the pay package must not be taken into consideration. Look at all aspects like job security, growth and opportunities, before taking this life changing step.

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