Handy Tips When Inspecting A School Playground To Keep Kids Safe

When it comes to your children’s idea of having fun, playgrounds don’t seem to be that far off. A playground is one of the go-to places that kids definitely love. However, as a parent, you see this haven for children as something else – a place that can be very unsafe if not inspected properly by the authorities.

With this in mind, we invite you to read through this article as we go through the basics on how you, as a concerned parent or someone part of the school institution, can ensure that the playground installers and other aspects affecting your child’s idea of a fun day are indeed safe and reliable.

Here’s how to effectively maintain a playground:

Make sure that the maintenance team is doing their job

If you want to make sure that your school’s playground installers properly meets the standard of safety and security, be sure that you have a team that constantly monitors these pieces of playground equipment.

Make sure that the playground equipment has been checked by a professional

In addition to the school’s maintenance team, one must also ensure that the playground equipment had been verified by a certified professional. With this, you can ensure that these pieces of equipment have met the current safety standards.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions

When it comes to playground installers, it should always come with all of the details regarding inspection requirements, as well as a checklist for when maintenance is needed.

Have a regular visual inspection

Stemming from the previous point as to how your equipment should be accompanied by a list of inspection requirements, you’ll learn that there are various types of inspections. In this case, you have your visual inspection and your operational inspection. Visual inspection is a lot easier as you only check the equipment’s basic condition. You typically only look for vandalism or minor defects.

Have a regular operational inspection

On another note, you also need to perform an operational inspection. This is heavily reliant on the different types of wear and tear that could potentially cause harm to the children using the playground equipment. This should be performed by a manager or a staff, and the data findings should be recorded systematically. The individual who is responsible for the operational inspection should have a firm grasp as to how to do hands-on check on playground installers.

In the end, regular maintenance and inspection of your school’s or community’s playground can go a long way. Firstly, it lowers or completely eliminates future costs because you have already resolved any minor defects for as early as you can; thus, halting any potential repairs. Moreover, by fulfilling the items included on this checklist, you have ensured that the safety and security of the children are of utmost priority. With this, you lessen the chance of any complaint or even accidents.

The best way to go about maintaining your playground installers is consistency – consistency in terms of maintenance checks and the fulfillment of the equipment’s inspection requirements.

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