60 Duel Credits at HS Accredited Homeschool College

If you’re a senior high school student in Indiana who’s attending a certified homeschool, a number of your courses can be utilized towards college credits. If you do not know it, your condition has probably the most liberal and progressive methods to earn instruction. In Indiana, you will find without any needs that the homeschool or homeschool teacher must meet. The only real provision would be that the homeschool curriculum is trained in British (Ind. Code Ann. ยง 20-33-2-4(2)). Based on Indiana condition law, children between 7 through 18 are needed to regularly take part in some kind of academic instruction. Students are anticipated to go to 180 times of school each year until acceptable completion.

There’s two kinds of educational venues that the homeschooler may attend in Indiana. The very first is a non-accredited homeschool, that the condition doesn’t have legal authority to hinder the curriculum or even the content of the house school, unless of course this program or instructors are otherwise proven negligent within their responsibilities, e.g. child aren’t instructed regularly. Essentially, the house school must uphold standards which are equal or greater towards the local public school system. A much more sensible choice, or in a least supplement option, is to benefit from the greater than 100 courses provided by Indiana College Senior High School. Since the school doesn’t work on a conventional semester schedule, students can use and start anytime. Students includes a menu of three types of structured education which she or he desires to pursue. Each is dependant on the youngsters future plans after finishing senior high school. If your student doesn’t intend on attending school, the conventional senior high school program is suggested. You can definitely, students is get yourself ready for college, there’s the twin-credit program, in addition to advanced placement learning online. Courses taken during enrollment of on either of those pathways will count towards college credit if completed satisfactorily. Many of these classes are offered online.

Students who’s presently being homeschooled or has completed course work from the non-accredited homeschool and desires to have several the work they do reviewed for possible transfer credit towards their senior high school diploma, must submit an itemized learning portfolio. The written learning portfolio includes each course completed past the eighth grade level. Furthermore, students may earn as much as one elective credit per school year, but a maximum of four credits as a whole for qualifying existence experience.

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