How To Improve Your Kids Vocabulary?

Vocabulary plays a crucial role when kids begin learning to read and write. All parents desire that their kids do well in their school. So, the best way to perform well in the exam, kids should work on their vocabulary. Beginners use the knowledge of words to make sense of what they are reading. The reader who knows more words, the more they are able to comprehend what they are reading or listening to. To make kids learn and hear new words, parents can use talking and reading techniques. They should engage their kids in conversation and ask questions about interesting words, an easy way to get new words into everyday talk.

While sharing new words to your kids make sure you don’t take much time. Just take a few minutes to talk about the word and then divert the conversation towards the book. Before making them learn new words, parents should be careful choosing the words. Choosing difficult words will make reading a daily chore. The best and convenient way to explore words with the kids are ones that are common among grown-ups and are rarely seen in the books your child might read. Parents can also take the help of Christmas words that begin with different alphabets. Teaching Christmas words to kids plays a vital role in enhancing their communication skills. Parents can teach Christmas words and phrases to children, which adds a colourful vibe at home.

Vocabulary is closely related to kids’ learning as it develops children’s ability to understand what they read. It is said that a child’s vocabulary is a strong indicator of a child’s knowledge of the world.

How to Increase Your Toddler’s Vocabulary

1. Sensory Words

Kids should be encouraged to play where sensory words are used that describes what you feel, see, taste, hear, and smell. This sensory activity could be planned like playing with hidden treasures. Parents can use these sensory words while playing any kind of game. It increases your toddlers’ vocabulary.

2. Get to Explore Different Types of Environment

When it is about adventure everyone loves it and your kid will love it too. Take your little one on a special adventure trip to explore beaches, parks, forests, etc. By exploring the outside your kid will be exposed to various kinds of animals, birds, flora and fauna. These exciting new things will thrill your kid and make him talk about a lot of new things. You can use any environment related book to know more. By this way kids can enhance their vocabulary.

3. Books Role-Play

Take ideas and scenes from the textbook and show them out. You can act this out with your kid and very soon your kid will start doing it on its own. It gives your kid an opportunity to use the new vocabulary words memorized from the book. These new words will be added into your kids’ spoken vocabulary.

4. Play with Different Age Groups

Engage your kids to play with different age groups of children to try out different roles. It will help your kid to learn leadership qualities from the older one. Peer play is great for your kid to practice language and social skills. When we start playing with children from different age groups it gives us an opportunity to play in different ways.

5. Variety of Toys

Having a variety of toys will help your kid to use different types of languages while playing. Toys related to farming teach your kid words like puppy, barn, cow and so on. Vehicles related toys encourage your kid to learn words such as road, trailer, bridge, etc. In this way, kids can learn specialized language for each toy theme.

For kids, it is essential to learn and hear new words. It will help them to imagine new things, and the ability to form new images that cannot be experienced through physical senses. We also need words to convey our memories, emotions, facts and concepts which are basic human communication needs. Learning words related to festivals should also be introduced to kids to increase their vocabulary such as Christmas words that start with a to make the festival fun and educative.

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